Wouldn’t it be great if we lived this way

Wouldn’t it be great if we lived this way! No one better than another, no prejudice, no discrimination, all the same! Unfortunately we seem to live in an “us” and “them” world.
If you look like me and speak the same language you’re one of us, if not, you are one of them. Think about what the world would look like if we only had green trees, green grass and green flowers. No reds, yellows, blues, purples; no trees that changed color in the fall, nothing but green!
It would be pretty boring. What about only one tone of sound? No scale of notes, just one sound. How would we enjoy a world without music? We look at the beautiful nature around us, we listen to the birds chirp and the sounds of nature and we are amazed at God’s glory in creation.
Why is it that we don’t appreciate seeing the beauty of God in all the faces he made??? We are not a one note world, neither is our planet limited to one color of face. In order to see the face of God, we need to turn to one another in the variety of colors around us as well as the face we see in the mirror and say, Thank you for showing me the face of the living God.
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