Baptism is an interesting sacrament among Christians

Baptism is an interesting sacrament among Christians, the only one that all Christian denominations accept as necessary if one is to be called a Christian.
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But there are questions about how and at what age, by whom, and under what circumstances should Baptism be administered. There are denominations that practice infant Baptism and those that require a person make a commitment of acceptance of Christ before it can be administered.
For some, pouring water over the head is sufficient, for others, sprinkling water over the person, and still others claim that only baptism by immersion is valid. I’m not getting into a debate about this.
What I consider more important is the question of how baptism makes a difference in a person’s life. If we line up a group of adults containing those who have been baptized and those who have not, and watch them for a week or so, would the baptized stand out from the rest because of the quality of their lives?
Would they be kinder, more forgiving, more compassionate, more concerned about the welfare of others? Would the joy of their faith be evident in their families? If there is no difference, then perhaps they have been baptized in water, but have never accepted the Holy Spirit into their lives.
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