Practice loving kindness

I love podcasts and listen to them regularly. One of my favorites is called the ‘Tim Ferris podcast’ with host, you guessed it, Tim Ferris. Ferris is an angel investor and all-around smart guy, constantly experimenting on himself in order to improve the way he feels, thinks, and acts.

He had a Buddhist monk on the program that taught me something that I still use today: practicing lovingkindness. Every morning when the monk wakes up, he writes down a list of the first 10 people that he wants to share his love and kindness with. I started to do this, and it had a dramatic effect.

Lots of the people on my list were people that I had problems with or that were on my mind. After writing their names down, the next time I saw them, it was as if the problems had melted away and been replaced with lovingkindness.

It is rather depressing to think of how few people we share our love with on a regular basis. Our love is also somewhat conditional, hinging on things like if they are faithful, reciprocate our love, or don’t understand us fully. God has written His list of lovingkindness, and it contains every living thing.

There are no conditions as there may be for us, but we should strive to accept God into our hearts. Until we do, we will never be able to fully love others, ourselves, or experience eternal life. His love for us is unconditional, but He gives us the choice of whether or not to reciprocate. The choice is ours; thanks be to God for giving it to us!

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