Waste no time help the unfortunate

In university, I had 4 roommates. I got along very well with 2 of them, but none of us got along very well with the fourth. He was dirty, loud, obnoxious, and generally didn’t consider the feelings of others.

However, his family was very powerful and well-known, so we felt that we were not really able to say anything. It made all of us feel helpless, because if we had not known who his family was, we would have certainly dealt with him differently. Alas, we did know his family, so we acted meek, scared, and oppressed, letting him bully and dirty the apartment.

It is not easy for the oppressed to stand up for themselves. If you have ever seen a wild dog roaming the streets, you may have seen some of them that have been kicked one too many times. They are unable to think about humans the same way as before.

They associate humans with the negative actions that have occurred to them so many times.
Think about the downtrodden and unfortunate in history: the slaves in Egypt and the Americas, the Holocaust, or the plight of women in some parts of the world. It is difficult to hear their voices because they have no power. Nobody is listening. It is our duty, according to Isaiah, to listen. Do not contribute to the problem, be a part of the solution.


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