Detach your self

I watched a great movie called Force Majeure the other night. It is a Swedish movie about a family that goes on a ski vacation.

The trip is going well until they are eating lunch one day. The ski resort uses explosives to create small, controlled avalanches so that there are no big avalanches, and when they are eating one day, one of the avalanches comes a little too close to the restaurant and seems like it will crush them.

In that moment of panic, the mother in the family grabs her children and the father…grabs his iPhone.
In this era of capitalism, consumption and materialism rule supreme.

We are taught to constantly want in a manner that is unhealthy not only in preserving our resources on Earth, but also in matter of the soul! This passage says to “Love not the world”.

It is not a suggestion to not appreciate God’s creation. It is a commandment to not get attached to the superficial and fleeting love of worldly delights. With the amount of options available in our times, we can see how society has changed.

We can all witness this becoming a larger problem not just for society but also as individuals. As Jesus remarked, we may see that Love of the Lord is the only true route to salvation.

Regardless of what a man owns or collects, what he truly owns are the things that he can sacrifice.

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