Send me!

Reading this verse made me think back to my days in school. I was a decent student; not the best, not the worst. For anyone that has been to school, we can all probably remember moments when the teacher was asking for volunteers.

If you remember this situation, I am sure you can also remember when nobody wanted to volunteer. Every student in the class heard what the teacher was saying but nobody wanted to step up and volunteer.

Usually the teacher would then select someone, typically a good student who would be capable of completing the activity or a troublemaker that was talking at the time.

I think that basically every student in the class would be capable in those situations to complete the task at hand, but nobody wants to stand out or be wrong. In many ways, our relationship with our faith is similar.

If you are reading this, you have, at one time or another, heard God’s calling. We respond to the call in different ways, sometimes not responding at all.

Like the frightened school children, we do not want to stand out. We do not want to be wrong. As this passage in Isaiah says, if we respond, we cannot be wrong. Our sins have been purged.

Knowing that our sins have been forgiven, knowing that we have heard the call, the only wrong response is silence.

I am reminded of the famous quote by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.:
“In the End, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.”

God, like a teacher to children, is calling for volunteers. We are looking around at each other, wondering who will be brave enough to heed His call. Be like Isaiah. Realize we cannot be wrong if we answer. When the Lord asks, stand up and volunteer. “Send me.”

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