Why Is Salvation A Gift?

why is salvation a gift

Why Is Salvation A Gift?

Why is salvation a gift?” That is the question most often asked by Christians. The quick answer is because God has chosen us to be saved from sin (there is no salvation outside of God except through his son Jesus Christ). However, there may be several underlying meanings to that question. I want to take the time today to explore some of those meanings.

First, salvation is not simply a gift. To the person who said it’s a gift, they were probably talking about being made by god among their fellow Christians. They felt special because they chose Christ as their savior. However, to the rest of us, that’s not necessarily the case.

While being made by god is certainly a wonderful gift, salvation as a gift is something that people who choose to accept it can have. Salvation is something that we each receive freely through the grace of God. It’s free and perfect. A perfect gift! If you go to church on Sunday and it does not wash you in the saving water, then you didn’t go to church to accept Christ. You shouldn’t be afraid to confess to God or ask for his grace to wash you clean.

This also means that no one has an entitlement to salvation. God is the one who gave us salvation. Everyone who ever walked the earth has choices. If someone is already a believer and has been selected to receive the good news, he or she has an entitlement to the salvation that he or she receives.

Therefore, we should never focus on what someone does or doesn’t have when we speak about the gift of salvation. Instead, let’s talk about what God has offered to people throughout the ages. It fills the Bible with exhortation to obey the commandments of our Lord, and it encourages people to walk in the grace of Christ. We’re also called to be fruitful and to multiply, to build up and to do good. Jesus said that all men are of one body, and that means that we all have the same body.

It means that we all have the same seed, the Christian. We’re all the same; and we have the same prospects, the Christian life. So if god gave you a gift of salvation, you’re a perfect Christian, you’re living in a perfect world, you’re enjoying what it has given to you. If god gave you a gift of faith, you’re anointed with the Holy Spirit, and you’re walking in the blessings and progress of the Holy Spirit.

If god gave you a gift of knowledge, you’re a perfect believer. If he gave you a gift of knowledge that you’re going to be prosperous and abundant, that it will fill your life with God and His love, that you’re going to walk in the footsteps of Jesus Christ, you’re a perfect believer. If he gave you a gift of prophecy, you’re walking in the footsteps of Christ. If he gave you a gift of knowledge, you’re a perfect wife of Jesus. If he gave you a gift of healing, you’re walking in the footsteps of Jesus.

Every believer is unique, because we all come in different bodies. We all have unique talents, we all have unique gifts. Because we all come in bodies, our gifts and talents don’t match, and therefore we can’t claim to be perfect. But we are perfect, all perfect. In fact, we’re all more perfect than we can ever imagine, and therefore we should never expect or accept anything less than the God, the Father of our spirits and minds.