He came to save the whole world

Jesus came to save the whole world. He didn’t come for one set of people – He came for everyone. The whole world was in a terrible state – in desperate need of redemption and salvation. No man could do anything to save the world, so God sent Jesus Christ, Him in human form, to save us all. He came for the children of Israel and He came for the Gentiles too. He came to save the lost, the broken, and the hardened. He had no reservations against a single soul. Even the Pharisees that he knocked heads with so often were a part of those He had come to save.
Jesus came with no intention to condemn a single man. His mind was set on saving everyone – past, present and future. The fate of mankind was terrible but Jesus came and changed all of that. He came with His arms wide open, ready to love anyone who came this way. He was always willing to reach out no matter what it cost Him.

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