The manifestation of God love

Jesus Christ is the manifestation of the fullness of God’s love for all mankind. When the world was at its worst, God sent His son, Jesus Christ, to die for our sins and set us free from the bondage of the enemy.

There was no one else who could have done this for us without any ulterior motives. God simply did this because of His love for us. We didn’t deserve it.

Humanity was a mess at the time Jesus came to the earth. There was a mixed multitude of people – those who knew God but had chosen to turn their backs on Him, those who did not know God at all, and those who walked around with their noses in their air as they depended on their self-righteousness.

But they all had one thing in common: sin. There was nothing no man could do to resolve it. Many had tried to fulfill their law in their own power but they could not do it.

All the sacrifices that were done to atone the sins of the children of Israel were done on a regular basis because they were unable to stop sinning. Sin had a powerful grip over the people and it brought out the worst in them.

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