When we try to live our lives according to impulses inspired by pride and our egos, we are simply setting ourselves up for failure. There is no good that can ever come from thinking that we know better than God.

When we try to rush for opportunities that we are not ready for, we simply end up setting ourselves up for embarrassment.
When people are not used to delayed gratification, they believe that they deserve to get whatever they want whenever they want it.

This is not a wise way to live. When this happens, we ignore God’s instructions and we choose to follow our own way instead because we believe that it is far better than the path that God has planned out for us. But this is the truth: we cannot do anything significantly meaningful without God.

If we try to live our lives on our own terms it means that we are turning our backs on God.
Humility means that we acknowledge God’s leadership over our lives and how we are nothing without it.

Humility acknowledges that on our own, we are not the superbeings we think we are. If we were, we would not have needed God to save us from ourselves.

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