The God-kind of love

1 Corinthians 13 has always been the go-to portion of the Bible when it comes to defining God’s kind of love. God’s love far exceeds any other form of love that exists on earth.

We often tend to think the love that is shown in books and romantic movies it the kind of love that matters the most. That love is often an inaccurate description of what love is meant to be.

Love is not about the butterflies in the belly or the kisses at the end of the movie. The love that the media shows you is nothing compared to the love of God.

Paul described God’s love in these few lines but these words are powerful.
Love endures long.

This means that love is patient beyond all human reasoning. When others choose to walk away, love chooses to remain and be kind.

That is exactly what God did for us. He loved us and still loves us through everything – good, bad, and ugly.
Love is not envious and it is not vain.

God put us before His interests many times. He could have chosen to protect his feelings by cutting us off, but he didn’t. He could have programmed us to follow his every beck and call but He didn’t do that either. He stuck to His promise of giving us the ability to choose – even if we chose against Him.
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