Iron sharpens Iron

Friendship should be about bringing the best out of each other. While you enjoy good times and create wonderful memories, you should also focus on building each other up.

There are things that you can learn from your friends and there are also things that your friends can learn from you. Godly friendships should be about helping each other grow in your knowledge of God and His Word.

The way iron can sharpen iron, is the same way in which you and your friends should sharpen one another. When you leave one another’s presence, you should have learned something that will help you grow.

You don’t have to arrange specific meetings for teaching or building one another – though that is something you could try every now and then. Building one another should come naturally, in your normal conversations.

This is why you need to make sure that your friends are as focused as you are on developing your relationship in God and making something great out of your life. If you choose to associate with people who do not take their lives seriously, you will struggle to grow.

If you choose to associate with focused people who have great ambitions and are passionate about the things of God, you will grow in leaps and bounds.
Your friends should inspire you to do better and to be a better person.

It should inspire them to do the same thing when they spend time with you. When your friendships are rooted in God, you will grow in the right things because you both have the right priorities. You will push one another to maximize on your full potential.

The best friendships are the friendships where you communicate well, you pray together, and you celebrate one another’s victories. Great friendships are also characterized by supporting and encouraging one another when challenging times come.

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