How to grasp God’s plan for our finances without having to put in all the effort we might think you need to, even if we think we are sinners?

What Does God Say About Our Finances?

The first step in understanding what god says about our finances is to understand what god has revealed through the scriptures.

The Bible contains many references to financial promises. God has promised us specific things, such as provision, prosperity, and security. He has also shown us examples of how to make financial investments by promising specific things in return.

what does god say about my finances

Some of these promises were very large. Others were much smaller. One example is the promise of Moses to lead his people to the land of Moab as an inheritance of the Covenant with God. This was done under the law of Moses and was done through a financial partnership between Israel and Moab. There were two requirements that were necessary to fulfill this promise: Israel had to be a mighty nation, and Moab had to be very rich.

What does god have to say about our investments? The Bible also clearly explains what happens if we sin while planning these ventures. When we sin, it usually stopped things in their tracks and then our plans typically go awry.

What does god recommend for our financial planning?


What does god want for me? These are just some questions you should ask yourself when making investments. Many people feel like god has a special plan for them. They feel God wants to help them get into the best investments, give them the biggest returns, etc.

However, mostly when you try to find success in your finances by yourself without submitting your finances to god, then you find more than empty words, also empty promises and returns. God does not talk like that. Instead, god encourages us to make wise investments that will provide for us and our families long into the future. Since god had a specific plan for our lives, he would speak highly of it.

What does god suggest you do? First, look back through the bible and see how god discusses investments. Often, God encourages us to invest in things that will bring benefits to our life down the road. For example, he may have told us to invest in raw materials, land, tools, etc.

What does god say about my finances? Some people worry about this. They think that god doesn’t care about their investments because he has a unique plan for everyone. However, the fact is that god has a specific plan for everyone. If we follow his plans, especially for our finances, we will be blessed and will live in prosperity.

It is important to understand that god wants us to invest in ourselves and our lives because it glorifies him especially when we do good. His plan for you is not just general but focuses and gives him credit for our success in your long-term success. So if god told me to invest in my craft, instead of selling, then my future would be prosperous. Listen to god and make wise financial decisions.

It terrifies some of us of the possibility of losing our jobs. This is very unfortunate, but we cannot rely on the government or the private sector to provide us with jobs. We have to be self-sufficient through submission to god. Therefore, we need to be investing in our skills and building up our wealth so that we can have the means to provide for ourselves.

What does god say about my finances? If god tells you to invest in something, do it. Don’t be scared. You are not worthless. In fact, you are already precious. If god says that I should have wealth, then I will have wealth.

What does god say about my finances? Trust god. Believe that he can do what he said he would do. If god did not do a good job, then he was obviously not supposed to be a god. If god says that you should have wealth, have faith in it. There is a point about it.

If you want to follow god’s word, make sure that you follow god’s word. Ask God to allow you to submit your finances to him and just sit back and see what God has planned for you. It’s amazing and glorious. All praise be to God on high! Thank you, god, for everything you do for us as your children. I love you and praise you ABBA.

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